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Threshold Ramp-Cover Plate

Threshold ramps and Cover plates

For thresholds, we have various alternative solutions. If you choose to keep the thresholds, we can offer threshold ramps of two types. First, the all-inclusive, which is above the threshold and have sloping planes on both sides, and wedge that hung on the screws on one or both sides of the threshold. If the threshold is removed, we have a wide range of cover plates.

Drive-in ramp
Fixed drive-in ramp »
Folding drive-in ramp »

Bridge Threshold Ramps

Bridge Threshold Ramps »
The easiest way to resolve a threshold issue is to cover the threshold with our bridge threshold ramp. This ramp has sloping planes on each side and is very easy to both install and remove.

Threshold Ramps

Oak Imitation »
Patterned Gold Anodized »
Checker Plate »

Cover Plates

Oak Imitation »
Patterned Gold Anodized »